3D Project services

DNK Systems is here to get you going in the 3d printer space with custom or sourced products or designs from small to huge projects.

DNK Systems can hep you get into the 3d print space fast and with excellent results by offering the services of:

  • Project Management.

  • Concept proposals and concept validation services.

  • Engineering Design

  • Research and development services.

  • Custom built hardware of any size and need.

  • Product buying services for specific needs customers.

Whatever the project DNK Systems can help with a huge compliment of technical, support and administrative skills so we can get your project running faster with a high level of confidence and clarity.

DNK Systems runs a full open-book project service to all customers, that means a fixed margin and/or hourly rate, so your project can be fully tracked and audited by our customers at anytime leaving no room for guess work.


Cable Clip in Mount clamp for large multicore cables. Simple Design Project

Motor, Gearbox and frame alignment mount. with cooling mounts and cable mounts. Part from huge custom build 3D Printer

Motor Mounts with torque stop and other propriety facets

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