Why use premium 3D Printer nozzles?

Testing of Wear Resistant Hercules Nozzles January 12, 2016 by Jay Evanovich More makers and companies are using high performance materials such as metallic, glass fiber, and carbon fiber filaments in their specific applications to achieve new levels of performance.  Unfortunately, this performance comes at a cost:  fast erosion and wear on the nozzle orifice […]

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New Buildtak FlexPlate System

Buildtak Flexplate System coming real soon.  *****We are ordering limited stock for customers to try, AND WILL BE PRIORITISED ACCORDING TO THE DEMAND. THIS IS A NEW PRODUCT AND IS CONSIDERED TO BE INTRODUCTORY & EXPERIMENTAL***** However it looks bloody great…… BuildTak is proud to announce the latest addition to our line of 3D printing accessories called the […]

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Best Ways To Store Your 3D Printing Filament

3d printers, filaments and consumables

Best Ways To Store Your 3D Printing Filament by 3devo August 13, 2015/by Marco Moisture and humidity. These words send shivers down the spines of 3D printing filament worldwide. The very mention of it could mean your 3D models looking more like The Walking Dead as each day passes. And yes, I still see images of […]

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The accuracy of a filament.

3d printer filament accuracy

As in our previous blog, we discussed consistency in filament is the main area to review when deciding on a filament. Filament tolerances, roundness and raw materials are not discussed enough but are probably the most important aspects in providing a consistent print. Filament accuracy is the key given an excellent extruder can work well […]

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New Fast Order Page by Torwell Australia

If you know what you want, get it faster and with less hassle with Torwell Australia. Torwell Australia have now added a new fast page ordering system, for those that know what 3d printer filaments they want, and don’t want to waste time going in and out of several pages for a simple or larger […]

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