New Buildtak FlexPlate System

Buildtak Flexplate System coming real soon.  *****We are ordering limited stock for customers to try, AND WILL BE PRIORITISED ACCORDING TO THE DEMAND. THIS IS A NEW PRODUCT AND IS CONSIDERED TO BE INTRODUCTORY & EXPERIMENTAL***** However it looks bloody great…… BuildTak is proud to announce the latest addition to our line of 3D printing accessories called the […]

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New Torwell3D Australia

  DNK Systems are proud to be the official Australian provider of Torwell 3D Printer filaments. You can find the store at This new speciality site is fully protected for your security and prices have been reduced for the great event. You also get a performance guarantee as well as your std warranty. So […]

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Torwell Flex rubber like 3D Printer Filament

Filament red

Torwell Flexible filament is a special thermo-polymer which allows the user to obtain materials similar to rubber. With this material, you can create objects that will appear like rubber itself, and according to the type of rubber, the user can obtain different levels of softness and elongation. The tear resistance characteristics of the material are […]

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New 2015 Createbot DNK Enhanced 3D Printer

createbot DNK Enhanced 3D Printer

Welcome to 2015, better results, safer machines, faster speeds means better printers and the createbot DNK Enhanced is no exception to the new 2015 models. Take a look. One of the most stylish and functional large scale 3D Printers on the market, the Createbot DNK Enhanced is a mixture of form and function. Part Industrial […]

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New 2015 Mankati 3D Printer is now available, with even a bigger build volume and more enhancements.

2015 Mankati 3D Printer

DNK Systems are proud to announce that the new 2015 Mankati 3D Printer is now selling and with great new features. With new features such as: Bigger build volume 260xx260x300mm Revised feeder system and head design New mainboard and Improved internal wiring New Lighting system New cooling system for the nozzles To find out more […]

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