32 inch,QHD, All in one, PC Case by Micronics

Superb Quality All in One PC Case

Micronics AIO cases come with not only sleek
design but also as big expandability as a high-end desk top PC, thanks to optimised installation structure. The 32inch of large LED screen with cableless system provides users with wider selections of high performance DIY PC.


Micronics 32″ QHD specifications.

With the Micronics 32″ AIO you can have a true cable-less AIO PC. you only need 1 power cord and the rest can become wireless.

Build your own full performance All in One PC. with the features of a std case but the convenience of a all in one. A genuine premium option for all PC users / builders.

Dont be told what you can have….. Have what you want with this feature rich All In One (AIO) pc case. A genuine premium AIO solution.

With Samsung QHD screen why just work when you can also watch movies, stream TV and so much more, entertainment unlimited.

With Many AIO cases heat is the Killer, with the Micronics heat flow problems are eliminated with a designed and tested heat flow path. Maximise performance under all conditions.

The Micronics 32 inch All in One fits any work space or any home office. perfectly blending in to your environment.

Love PC Games, Halo, diablo, final fantasy and more you can set your AiO to games mode and get the most out of your games experience.

With a QHD Samsung monitor sporting 2560 x 1440 resolution and full graphics support you can bring your games to life.

Micronics 32inch AiO Case sports a front panel with ultra fast USB 3.0 easy to use 2.0 HD Audio and Mic. everything you need to connect and expand your PC capabilities and plug in components.

The Micronics AiO PC Case is perfect for business and home with a stylish look and feature rich specifications you can be assured that your machine will work and look fantastic.