New Buildtak FlexPlate System

Buildtak Flexplate System

coming real soon. 

*****We are ordering limited stock for customers to try, AND WILL BE PRIORITISED ACCORDING TO THE DEMAND. THIS IS A NEW PRODUCT AND IS CONSIDERED TO BE INTRODUCTORY & EXPERIMENTAL***** However it looks bloody great……

BuildTak is proud to announce the latest addition to our line of 3D printing accessories called the BuildTak FlexPlate system. As a company dedicated to trying to make the 3D printing experience easier, our two part system, is meant to take the hassle out of print removal.

The system is comprised of two components: the BuildTak FlexPlate and our unique magnetic mounting base. Together, they make a system that eases the print removal process like never before.

How does it work? Simple. Attach our FlexPlate to your print bed through our unique magnetic mounting base. Developed in a variety of sizes, we have ensured that this product can be used for a multitude of printers to bring our technology to the masses. The magnetic mounting base simply snaps into your 3D printer by attaching to the metal frame of your print bed.

Once the FlexPlate and magnetic mounting base are installed in your printer begin printing away onto the top of the FlexPlate, which will come with a sheet of BuildTak installed. Once the print is finished, easily detach the FlexPlate from the magnetic mounting base and flex the plate back and forth. The prints will pop right off!

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